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Food Business Coach

I help aspiring + early-stage food entrepreneurs launch and market their food business by giving them a step-by-step business plan and goal markers to set their foundation, cost their products to avoid underpricing themselves, and market confidently on and offline so they can ultimately create a life of freedom, make an income on their own terms, and dive deep into their culinary passion.


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8 Mistakes to Avoid when pricing your food-based service

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starting a food business can be overwhelming. How would it feel to have a step-by-step action plan to build your business the right way from the very beginning?

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If you want to find your most loyal customers for life…

We will identify your ideal client and your brand message to make sure your products/service appeal to your intended audience!

If you want to use social media to its fullest potential to market your food business…

We will work on the exact strategies and content to gain traction so that you feel confident marketing your products/service both on and offline!

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If you want to learn how to price your product for profit…

We will give you ways to price your products/service to make sure you are able to grow your business and make money on YOUR OWN TERMS.

If you want to create a clear vision of your business goals to take it to the next level…

We will design your personalized BLUEPRINT to make sure you can take your business in the direction you want to grow in, whether that’s leaving your 9-5 or keeping your food business as your side-hustle.

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If this sounds like you, I invite you to join my 1:1 FOOD FOUNDERS COACHING PROGRAM!

Schedule a call below to see if my 6-week 1:1 coaching program would be a great fit for you!


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Avoid the mistakes I made when getting my first clients as a personal chef and caterer! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️