If you KNOW you have the ambition to start your food business, but also feel like you don’t know what steps to take, Don’t know how to market your product/service, can’t find the time with your 9-5, or simply feel overwhelmed, I can help.

I give you the personalized mentorship and strategies you need in order to make sure that you are building not just the food business that you love with customers you actually want to serve, but the business that will allow you to design your schedule, income, and life the way you’ve always dreamed of.


I can help you:

  • Identify the RIGHT customer who will gladly pay for your product over and over

  • Market your product/service with EASE on social media

  • Price your product for PROFIT

  • Create a SOLID business plan with achievable GOALS to keep you successful and sustainable

  • Build an IMPACTFUL food business that FULFILLS your culinary PASSION + PURPOSE all while making MONEY on your own terms


my story


When I started my food entrepreneur journey, I knew that the traditional 9-5 life or office job wasn’t for me. I wanted to live a life of financial, time, and creative freedom.

I was a university grad student feeling beyond BURNT OUT, UNHAPPY, UNFULFILLED, and with NO PROSPECT of a job after I graduated with thousands of $$$ in student debt!

So, I went back to food industry which is what I did all my life to support myself! I attended culinary school, graduated in 2014, and started my very first food business right after.

Yet despite having a previous 10 years of working in the industry, having chef mentors, and gaining experience, I still felt lost on what steps I had to take to build my food biz from the ground up.

I realized that I was missing something crucial from those relationships - and something that is missing from the food industry in general:





Despite learning tons about food and the culinary world, nobody could tell me ONE THING about:

💥 Strategizing + marketing a food business

💥 Finding the RIGHT customers + promoting myself confidently

💥Avoiding underpricing my product/service

💥Validating my ideas to make sure they are something that people WANT

I overcame these struggles by starting three food businesses and learned it myself through lots of time + money spent AND wasted and, of course, lots more trial + error. 

Now, I bring my experience having been a food entrepreneur and still being a working chef to make sure you don’t make the mistakes and waste the time and money that I did in building my food businesses!

BUT that was just one part of the struggle! The other part was getting the support and approval of my parents who always questioned my decision to leave my graduate program and pursue a life in the food industry - which isn’t as “well-payed” and prestigious as a university professor, I guess. When you are a first-gen Mexican kid, you want to make your parents proud, but sometimes ideas and expectations clash.

But as I grew my food businesses, stayed steadfast to my visions, and worked hard to make sure I was moving forward, mistakes and all, my parents saw how important it was to me to not just step into my culinary purpose, but to make the income I’ve always wanted on my own terms and live a bold and inspired life through it!



As I made connections and friends in the industry, I saw how many other food entrepreneurs in my network also struggled, whether they had a food industry background or not! 

They still felt like they didn’t know what they were doing when it came to launching, marketing, and finding customers for their food business in an organized, stress-free, and profitable manner!

Because I learned lots of lessons in my own three food businesses, every mistake (and actual wins!) helped me in each subsequent business and in my consulting for other food businesses as well.

Now, after 16 crazy years total in the food industry and doing everything from personal cheffing for professional athletes, catering for families and celebrities alike, meal prep service, front and back of house training, kitchen management, culinary education, consulting for food biz’ from LA to Shanghai, food entrepreneurship with three distinct businesses and marketing them, I have put my experience together to help YOU create a food biz that not only brings in the money, but is one that you are obsessed with too!


What my clients are saying

My Food Business coaching is based on these values

  • YOU can live a  bold, inspired life on your definition of success and if I can do it with all of my fears, doubts, and confusion when starting in food entrepreneurship, then you, as an food biz action-taker, can do it too!

  • A food business with integrity, transparency, and that aims to genuinely serve others can be life-changing for both the owner and customer.

  • Calculated risk-taking and investment (however small) in your food business growth are admirable and should be encouraged.

  • Starting small and lean in your food business can be impactful and powerful.

  • Building a business and life not dictated by external pressures or what someone else has done, but on the possibilities that are available to YOU here and now.


Are you ready to take your food business seriously, have a personalized step-by-step roadmap, stop underpricing yourself, promote yourself confidently, and figure out logistics without the stress?

Schedule a call with me to see if my 6-week 1:1 Food Founders Coaching Program would be a great fit for you!