5 Tools I Use in my Business Everyday


I’m a very old school person when it comes to planning and organizing but I definitely have some apps that I see as indispensable when it comes to marketing and content creation.

1. A notebook.

A real notebook you can touch and feel (and a pen you love writing with). I’m a writer (and stationary junkie but I’m tryna keep it Konmari over here) and I SWEAR by having a notebook where you can jot down everything. My favorite ones are the small 3x5 slim cahiers that fit in bags and pockets. If you like having multiple cahiers like me, I love a traveler’s notebook that can hold as many little notebooks as you’d like (just get the right sized cahiers for it), as well as a travel planner and plastic sleeve for biz cards. I recommend getting these Sharpie pens to write with. Oh, the satisfaction. I mean, oh, the productivity.

2. A physical calendar.

My suegra gives us calendars all of the time and I started using one of them as an editorial calendar. I plan my IG posts, blogs, and any content by writing down what I’ll be posting each day. It makes it so much easier to pull from because it means I don’t have to create something for IG on the fly, which is fine if you do, but why make it hard on yourself?

3. Canva.

I’ve been using Canva since I was in college and it’s an amazing tool to create just about anything, from graphics to presentations. Any logos and branded content I have was created on Canva by me. It’s free, but the Business Plan has a monthly fee. If you use it tons, it’s well worth it!

4. Over App.

I love this app to pieces because I’m able to easily create my branded content on it by selecting backgrounds that I’ve created in Canva then typing directly on the image with my content of the day. Alternative - Word Swag. I’ve used both and I prefer Over just because I like the fonts a bit more, they have beautiful graphics, and templates but they’re both neat for creating written image content.

5. Instagram.

I do my main marketing here, along with having an email list and website. I love Instagram because it’s a visual-based platform that let’s me share pics or video easily. I find those things, especially video, make the most impact with client engagement!

What are your favorite tools for your business? Comment them below!