Wine Pairings for Your Mexican Easter


I didn't grow up eating ham, deviled eggs, asparagus, or whatever else non-Mexican Christians/Catholics have for Easter Sunday. (Like literally, I have no idea what everyone else eats, so excuse the inaccuracies.)

It was always (and still is) about having a carne asada, throwing a couple of elotes on the grill, making guacamole, plus tortillas, beans, and rice (carbs on carbs). And of course, no Mexican get-together is complete without an ice chest full of chelas.

But sometimes you want something other than a Corona, and wine fits the bill perfectly.

You can choose to drink anything you like, and it may not pair perfectly with every component of your meal which is totally ok! The point is to experiment with different things and see what combinations you like, especially if you're starting to learn about wine!

Here are my picks for a carne asada scenario. I picked these wines both for their accessibility (grocery store/big box store availability) and price. Let's keep it simple!

Carne Asada


Ok this is the main-main. Carne asada is grilled, ahem, charred AF in my house, skirt (arrachera) steak. It has a big beefy flavor but is still pretty lean.

I personally love Chilean Carménère for this because it has peppery notes that complement something like grilled beef. Skirt steak is lean as we said, so there isn't much fat to cut through on the palate. Carménère's medium-body is perfect for leaner cuts and light enough to enjoy during the day.

Try this Casillero del Diablo Reserva Carménère from Concha y Toro.



Elotes (Grilled Corn)


When you grill corn, its sweetness amplifies. Choose something that is fruit-forward, crisp, but that will still go well with the nuttiness of charred corn on the cob - something buttery without being overpowered by oak.

Try this Estancia Estates Unoaked Chardonnay.



This is a good choice if you decided you didn't like Chardonnay due it's "oakiness," (which is not a characteristic of Chardonnay, as that is a grape varietal, but has to do with the winemaker's storing/aging choices).



Let's stay with the white wine theme here. Riesling is one of my favorite wines, and especially the drier variety. This guac-Riesling combo works because you want something crisp and citrusy to cut through the fattiness of avocados. Plus, I like my guacamole super lemony so I want something acidic to match that.

Try this Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling.



Can't deny the value in this producer. Good wine for a good price. Make sure it says "Dry Riesling" when you pick it up.



We couldn't forget about dessert! Whether it's your Tia's amazing homemade flan or one you picked up from El Super last minute, try a sparkling number to go with it.

I'm not a fan of sweet wines, but the carbonation helps offset it a bit. And even if you want to skip the flan ("la dieta"), sometimes a sweet sparkling wine is dessert enough!

Try this Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante.



What are you favorite wines for Easter Sunday? Comment them below!